Difficult Pregnancy

At Decatur County Memorial Hospital, we pride ourselves in providing the quality care you want. Close by. Community member Mandy Jo Lohrum has been a part of this experience for many years. It wasn’t until a recent experience that she came to appreciate DCMH even more.

Mandy moved to Greensburg about eight years ago and began seeing Dr. Jennifer Fletcher as her primary physician. Mandy added, “She delivered my first child and has always been fantastic to work with.”

Once Mandy became pregnant with her second child Mason, there were many complications that quickly arose.

Mandy first experienced Umbilical Cord Abnormalities, causing a high-risk of low birth weight for the baby, followed by Gestational Diabetes. She began making weekly visits to DCMH, allowing us to monitor her and her unborn baby. “The staff was great. They got me in and out very quickly because they knew I was coming here on my lunch break. It was great to have them support me throughout the whole process.”

During one of her weekly checkups, Dr. Fletcher identified and confirmed that Mason was breech. An External Version (turning of the baby) had to be performed by a certified OBGYN. Dr. Treska was then called to do the procedure.

“I always mention Dr. Treska when speaking about this hospital. Even though Dr. Treska is new to DCMH, she is great at what she does. She talked me through the whole process, checked on me numerous times, and made me feel comfortable.”

Mandy also mentioned how supportive Dr. Fletcher was throughout her pregnancy.

“Dr. Fletcher made me feel so comfortable and secure. Every time I had a question or concern, she would respond immediately that day.” Mandy described this type of quality care as a great “support staff” for her, her family, and her baby. Mandy’s water broke on Friday, November 27th. Early Saturday morning, on November 28th, Dr. Fletcher delivered Mason. He was 8 lbs. when he was born.

OBGYN testimonial

Mandy’s labor was normal and without complications but once they began washing Mason, everything changed. Mandy had passed out before they were able to move her to their new room. She lost about two liters of blood during delivery and Dr. Fletcher decided Mandy needed a blood transfusion.

Mandy remembers the two OB nurses that day never left her side. They constantly made sure she was well taken care of. “They made me feel very special and went above and beyond to make sure I was okay.” The nurses also assisted with feeding and taking care of Mason while she was having the transfusion.

With Mandy’s unforgettable experience at DCMH, she is sure to share her story with coworkers, family members, and close friends.

In the end, Mandy was at Decatur County Memorial Hospital for a total of 3 ½ days.

When people ask Mandy about her son Mason and his health, she always says, “The staff at DCMH really did a lot for me and my baby that day. This hospital has quality care as great as, if not better, than any other hospital around. I have a healthy little boy and I am back to my happy self as well. All of this is because of the wonderful staff at DCMH.”

Mandy - Greensburg, Indiana