Emergency C-Section

On the morning of November 18th, 2016, Carol’s granddaughter, Felicia was rushed to Decatur County Memorial Hospital by ambulance unresponsive. She was 8 months pregnant. Immediately after her arrival, doctors and nurses performed an emergency C-section. DCMH had OB nurses and a surgery team waiting for her arrival to begin their care as quickly as possible. Aside from that, The EMS staff were able to supply enough oxygen to the baby before arriving to the hospital to keep her stable. It was then that they were able to save the baby and lifeline her to St. Vincent Hospital for further treatment.

Carol and docs testimonial

“They told me at St. Vincent that by the doctors putting the baby on a cooling pad, they prevented a lot of brain damage to her,” Carol added, “They saved Everlee’s life.”

Everyone here at Decatur County Memorial Hospital worked together as a team that day and performed exceptional quality care.

Carol added that the baby is recovering very well and is looking to come home soon.

“A thanks really isn’t enough to say to the hospital. But I would like to thank all of the doctors and nurses, all of the staff, and even the admitting people. Everybody was amazing that day and from the bottom of our hearts, we do thank them very much.” The attention Felicia got downstairs in the ER was just amazing. I truly believe they did everything in their power they could do to try and save her. Even though we lost her, Felicia left us with a beautiful baby girl named Everlee. She truly is a miracle baby. Everyone down there was amazing that day and I can’t thank them enough.”

Carol also said that Felicia’s oldest son Bentley thanks the doctors and nurses every night for saving his little sister.

Mike Trabel, Director of Emergency Services, commented, “That day we gave a really great coordination of efforts from multiple departments. We had multiple people around the hospital all working together to help in any way they could.”

There has been a Go Fund Me Page created to help with this family. If you are interested in contributing, please go to www.gofundme.com/angelfelicia.

Carol and Fletcher testimonial

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