Lung Infection

Brenda Lawrence, a native from Greensburg, Indiana, does not remember a lot from that particular day. What she does remember, however, is the quality of care she received from the MedSurg and Rehab staff at Decatur County Memorial Hospital.

In June 2016, Brenda was admitted in the Emergency Room early morning.

“I woke up that morning and did not feel well at all. My husband said I was not breathing normally through the night and we needed to go to the doctor.”

A few days later, she had come to realize she was now a patient on the MedSurg floor of DCMH.

Being admitted frightened not only Brenda, but her family as well. Thankfully, the DCMH nurses knew exactly what to do.

“My husband and family were very concerned that day. He did not want to leave my side. There was a nurse who knew the family and reassured Bill and my daughter that everything would be ok.”

The nurse had also spoken with the doctor and determined she had a very bad infection in her lungs.

After being admitted to the MedSurg floor, Brenda met nurse Tracy Buchanan. Tracy worked third shift and as soon as she would clock in, she would go straight to her room to check on Brenda to make sure she was ok.

“I was getting everything I needed. She would explain everything thoroughly to me and let me know when her shift was over. Tracy always introduced me to my new nurse and told me goodbye before she left to go home,” Brenda added.

This kind of quality care helped Brenda feel safe and secure.

“It really made me feel comfortable knowing that many people cared about me and my health, “Brenda added, “All of the nurses were great and very concerned.”

Small everyday tasks such as washing her hair seemed impossible to Brenda while she was in the hospital. The MedSurg nurses worked diligently to make her feel more comfortable and was sure to do anything Brenda had asked them to do.

“They went out of their way to make me feel comfortable and at ease,” Brenda said.

To this day, the nurses and staff at DCMH call and check on Brenda. Whether it is for her wellness checkups, insurance questions or supplying her with breathing supplies, DCMH is constantly striving to provide continuous quality care even after her discharge.

Brenda likes how convenient the DCMH location is and would like to thank all of the wonderful nurses and Rehab staff who took such good care of her.

Brenda - Greensburg, Indiana