A Note from our New CEO



As I walked in for my first day at Decatur County Memorial Hospital I realized three C’s were on my mind–culture, community and care. Being new to the organization, I was curious to understand the culture relating to the focus on patient care, quality, safety and engagement of physicians. A culture oriented around serving patients and physicians will drive success related to patient experience, clinical outcomes and staff satisfaction. Our future success is rooted in our willingness to go above and beyond when serving each patient, family, physician and team member. Each interaction matters.

The purpose of DCMH is to serve the community’s healthcare needs. For our Healthcare organization to be successful we must remain connected to our community to ensure our healthcare needs are identified and met. DCMH has a great history of connecting with the community by providing great care with the latest technology. Trust with the community must continue to flourish to ensure our health system thrives in the future. Community trust is essential.
It is likely each one of us entered the health profession because we were encouraged or inspired by someone to use our skills to provide care to others. Great care can be delivered in modest ways, such as asking if one’s needs are being met or providing a family encouraging words during moments of worry. Great care is also provided by utilizing technology, administering a medication regimen, or performing complex procedures to support healing. The most impactful patient experiences come from “you being you” and demonstrating the compassion you have for serving. Let the true you shine.
As the coming weeks and months will bring thousands of interactions of support and caring, it is important for each of us to be mindful of the culture we are creating. We impact the community we serve by ensuring the best quality care to every individual. It is essential we remain dedicated to the three C’s to continue to be a thriving organization known for exceptional care and service. The most encouraging experience of my first few days have been witnessing the dedication our staff and physicians exhibit toward providing great service and exceptional care. Patient centered care is truly thriving each day at DCMH. This is energizing to me and most importantly, appreciated by those we serve.


Rex McKinney
President & CEO